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Looking for a same-day appointment or can't find a time that works well for you? Call/Text us at 407.900.3301 and we'll chat!



Any sessions cancelled or rescheduled within 12 hours of your start time may be charged 50% of the original fee. Any "no-show" sessions will be charged the full amount.

Pricing Options

Taping w/ Coaching: Our coach will work with you in between takes to get your best audition. ($1.25/min.)

Taping w/ Jordan: Work with Jordan to elevate your audition to the next level. ($1.50/min.)

*If you go over in time, you will be charged for the total time used.

How does this work?

Great question! You will get set up in your home self-tape setup and dial us on a separate device than what you're recording on. (ex: If you're recording on your smart phone, you Zoom with us from a tablet or laptop.) 

You will meet with a BFT coach who will guide you on your self-tape setup, serve as your reader, coach you in between takes, and offer opinions on which take(s) to edit. Then you will edit and deliver, as usual!

Punch Cards are back!

Buy in bulk and save! Can be redeemed for any taping or coaching appointment at any of our locations (Atlanta, Orlando, or Virtual). 

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How do I pay? 

We are currently doing touchless billing so you will pay when you book online or receive an invoice to pay securely via credit card.

What if I don't use all my time?

You'll be charged for the amount of time you reserved. If you finish your audition early, feel free to keep working or use that time to pick our brains!

What happens if I go over in time?

If we go over, we will add additional time in 15 minute increments.

What should I wear? 

Layers are always good... a light jacket, hoodie, or button-up over a shirt adds a lot. Stick with solid colors or simple patterns. No logos or anything that draws the eye away from you. Think about what the character would wear. 

Do I need to send the scripts to you in advance?
In your confirmation email, we will provide you the Zoom link as well as instructions for the session, including where to send your scripts.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule? 

Any taping or coaching appointment canceled or rescheduled within 12 hours of the original appointment time will be charged at 50% of the original rate. (The exception will be if an actor reschedules their new appointment to be on the same day as the original appointment.) "No-Show" appointments will be charged the full amount of their appointment.

Still have questions? Hit us up.

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