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Daisy Mitchell

parent of a Groundwork actor

You and Julie are teaching our kids more than the tools/techniques needed for acting, but you have managed in a few weeks to create an environment where it is okay to feel unsure, to "mess up," to take chances, and step out of your comfort zone in order to explore and grow as a person and actor. Thank you for being a positive influence for our kids!

Amanda Treague

parent of a Groundwork actor

Our family has been so thrilled to work with Jordan and Julie Woods-Robinson. Our 12 year old son just completed his last session of Groundwork 2, an 8 class program, and he absolutely loved it! The parents and family were able to sit in on the last day of Groundwork 2. I really enjoyed watching how Jordan interacts with the kids and explains things in a way they can understand without talking down to them. The class was so entertaining just to watch and yet Jordan is able to easily reel it in when things get off track because the kids truly respect him. Ethan told us that he learned so many new things, but more so about connecting with a character and/or scene partner. He thought he knew what it was to be connected, but Jordan and Julie go so much more in depth into what that means. We are excited to sign up for Groundwork 3 starting in April!

Gail Chase

OCPS Drama Teacher

My students immediately connected with Julie.  She treated them with respect and challenged them to approach work in a fresh new way.