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Film and TV casting is turning to self-taping more and more often, leading actors away from the in-person experience. Actors are now tasked with being both actor AND director, having a great studio setup, and making bold (yet grounded) choices that will lead to more and more requests from Casting.


That's where we come in. Let us help you with the heavy lifting.

Select how much time you would like for your session. Once you book a time, you will receive a confirmation email with address and instructions.

Please Note:

For the month of July, Jordan's appointments are Virtual only.


The One Liner.

20 min.

20 Minute

Sessions with Jordan are addt. $15*

One Page. One Scene. One line (or two tops). If you need to just film a quick slate or less than 1/4 a page of text.  This will be your best bet. Be ready to be in and out in 20 min.

30 Minute


Sessions with Jordan are addt. $15*

The One Pager.

30 min.

One Page. One Scene.  If you need to just film a slate and about a page, more or less, of dialogue.   Plenty of time to get coached and get a few takes.
This will be your best bet.

45 Minute


Sessions with Jordan are addt. $15*

The Longer Scene.

45 min.

One Scene.  Maybe 3 pages. If you need to just film a slate and a few pages of a scene.   Plenty of time to get coached and get a few takes.
This will be your best bet with a smidge more time to navigate and run your scene.

The Multi-Scene

60 min.

60 Minute


Sessions with Jordan are addt. $15*

2 Scenes or more.  Or if you have 5+ pages. If you need a full hour to tape multiple scenes.  Plenty of time to get coached and navigate a less-than-straight-forward set of scenes.  And time to get your slate, and get multiple takes of each scene.

90 Minute


Sessions with Jordan are addt. $15*


90 min.

3 Scenes or more.  Anything over 6+ pages. If you need to have extra time to tape multiple scenes. Perhaps for more than one role.  Plenty of time to get coached and navigate more than one submission.  And time to get your slates, and get multiple takes of each scene.

Prefer Virtual?

Prefer Virtual?

*$15 Non-Refundable Deposit Paid at Time of Booking Appointment



Script Analysis Before Taping: 15 Min  - $20.00

Immediate Editing & Delivery: $10.00

TelePrompter: $10.00

Upload to Actors Access: $15.00

Extra 10 Min: $10.00

What's included?

  • Confirmation email with everything you need to know and instructions.

  • Access to a comfortable waiting area, restrooms, & warm up space

  • HD Camera, ShotGun Microphone, Professional Continuous Lights, Seamless Background in 3 color options (pale blue, grey, or olive green), Sound-Proofed Studio Room, & Monitors for live playback

  • Coaching, Feedback, & Reader with an experienced professional to get your best take

  • As many takes as you can get within your time allotment

  • Editing, Labeling, & Delivery of files via WeTrasfer to you, your agent, and whomever else you need

(And yes! Add-ons are available if you need additional time, fast turn around, or script analysis)


How do I pay? 

We are currently doing touchless billing so you will receive an invoice to pay securely via credit card.

What if I don't use all my time?

You'll be charged for the amount of time you reserved. If you finish your audition early, feel free to keep working or use that time to pick our brains!

What happens if I go over in time?

Up to 10 minutes over will be an additional $10. More than 10 minutes over, and you will be charged in 15-minute increments.

What should I wear? 

Layers are always good... a light jacket, hoodie, or button-up over a shirt adds a lot. Stick with solid colors or simple patterns. No logos or anything that draws the eye away from you. Think about what the character would wear. When in doubt, bring options and we can let the camera decide.

Do I need to send the scripts to you in advance?
In your confirmation email, we will provide you the address of your studio as well as instructions for the session, including where to send your scripts. You will also receive a PDF form to fill out and bring to your session.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule? 

Any taping or coaching appointment canceled or rescheduled within 12 hours of the original appointment time will be charged at 50% of the original rate. (The exception will be if an actor reschedules their new appointment to be on the same day and with the same coach as the original appointment.) "No-Show" appointments will be charged the full amount of their appointment.

Still have questions? Hit us up.

Please Note: Coaching and Taping is limited in observation of MLK Jr. Day and appointments have a $15 surcharge.