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a Pay-What-Feels-Fair Community
by Book From Tape

You deserve to enjoy auditioning.

The BFT coaches host MOST, a pay-what-you-can service. This means that actors can set their own price, whether it's $1 or $500 a month, and get full access to our tools, community, and resources. We can do this together. We can celebrate the wins and fails. We are working actors working for working actors.


MOST is designed to help you consistently book the job or book the room (or both).

We know our approach to auditioning works
 because we have helped folks book co-stars, guest-stars, series regulars, supporting roles, leads, commercials, industrials, new reps, and more...

And we did it by celebrating the actors' instincts. We value originality and impulse. (After all, your greatest asset is you.)

So how do we do it? We've put all of our secrets as a successful coaching and taping studio into MOST in an on-demand format so you can have it at your fingertips and start to see results immediately. There are no additional fees inside (in fact, there are discounts should you want to take a class).

The lessons are short (no more than 20 minutes) and cover you in 3 pillars:

  • Trusting your Tech to be effortless, efficient, and to allow freedom for environment.

  • Training and Translation. Dynamic tools that bridge both full-body-impulse and cerebral-structure approaches and how to translate them for the on-camera audition.

  • Resiliency and Evolution. Weekly meetups to keep your forward momentum, even when you feel like stopping. 

102 video lessons
(and counting)

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As a group of working actors, we have a plethora of tools that have served us through auditions, on set, in training, and in down time. We share those tools with you that have allowed us to find sustainable artistry... And we do it in a way that values exploration over validation.

Judgement-Free Community

We believe that an actor doesn't need to struggle to create art. We believe that tools and training can be explorative and not prescriptive. We believe that each individual brings something new. We celebrate fails and curiosity. We are a group of individuals seeking strength in numbers, accountability, and permission to meet ourselves where we are.

Accountability Buddies

Each month you express where you'd like accountability for growth and where you can guide another actor. We pair you up for further support and you take it from there.

Because sometimes we need a nudge.

Actor Meetups

Group virtual hangouts led by a Book From Tape coach focusing on training, industry insights, current trends, and, frankly, anything else that comes up.

Because we're all taking this 1 day at a time.

Members' Area Forum

Inspired by social media and "Gamified" for Neurodivergent talent. You can achieve points for engaging in different topics and when you cheer on fellow actors.

Because we all deserve to play amidst the work.


Discounts on BFT Classes

On-Demand Video Lessons

A Network of Readers

Mindfulness Emails

Scripts & Resources

Community Feedback

Gear & Tech Guides

A Forum of Industry Topics

Safe, Brave Spaces

And you... living your best life

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As little as $1/mo

Why is it PWFF?

What's the gimmick?

Jordan here. There is no gimmick, to trickery. There will be no "temporary deals" or surprise raises in pricing. You set the price of what feels fair to you, in this moment of your journey.

Because we're all in this together, it's your turn to set the price.

We at Book From Tape champion protecting Actors and Creatives in all spaces. We put aside ego to develop new practices. We anchor to not what is... but what is possible.

MOST is PWFF because we are trust-falling with the goal of meeting artists where they are and delivering tools to support their artistic journey. We have put aside financial value in exchange for true value - that is community.

MOST was built with empathy, generosity, experience, and honesty. A community that agrees to be the MOST safe, MOST informative, MOST generous, MOST intuitive, MOST playful, and MOST fun. We are opening our virtual doors to you with new offerings as we experience this strike.

MOST is PWFF because we believe in sustainable artistry.

We are working actors working for you, dear friend. Please join us.

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- J

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This is for you.

Our doors are open. We have hundreds of actors from all over the world in MOST, who are here because they feel safe here. For $1 you can join the community. For $30 you can help us grow. For $50, you can support others.

Will you join us?

Because we're all in this together, it's your turn to set the price.

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