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Play... at home or on the go

On-Demand Acting Training

The BFT coaches host MOST, an interactive library of tech, training,  and community. Through on-demand videos, weekly meetings, and private community resources, you will overhaul your audition and on-camera process (and have fun doing it).

We can do this together. We can celebrate the wins and fails. We are working actors working for working actors.

MOST is designed to help you consistently book the job or book the room (or both).

We know our approach to auditioning works because we have helped folks book co-stars, guest-stars, series regulars, supporting roles, leads, national commercials, industrials, new reps, and more...

And we did it by celebrating the actors' instincts (with a little of our strategy sprinkled in). We value originality and impulse. (After all, your greatest asset is you.)

So how do we do it? We've put all of our strategies as a successful coaching and taping studio into MOST in an on-demand format so you can have it at your fingertips and start to see results immediately. There are no additional fees inside (in fact, there are discounts should you want to take a class).

What is MOST?

3 Pillars inside MOST

An Example Video...

Impossible Actions

(And there's 100+ other videos like that inside.)

most masters of self-taping audition technique acting course - book from tape

What's Inside?

Discounts on BFT Classes
On-Demand Video Lessons
A Network of Readers
Film/TV Scripts
Printable Resources
Community Feedback
Gear & Tech Guides
A Forum of Industry Topics
Safe, Brave Spaces
And you... living your best life

Get 1 Year of Full Access for $299.
(That's cheaper than a 6 week class)


Designed with You in Mind

A 1-stop-shop for all actors looking to elevate their audition and script analysis technique.

most masters of self-taping audition technique acting course - book from tape


These videos, tutorials, and guides offer strategies on camera, lighting, sound, editing, and overall self-tape setup to be effortless, efficient, and to allow freedom for environment.


Dynamic tools that bridge both full-body-impulse and cerebral-structure approaches and how to translate them for the on-camera (or in-person) audition.


Weekly meetups to keep your forward momentum, even when you feel like you're not going anywhere.

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