Here's the bottom line... kids are often given a raw deal. Their training is simplified and not as extensive as adult classes. And yet they are asked to audition for characters that require the same honesty and intensity as their adult co-workers. Therein lies the problem. Without adult-level conversations and adult-level technique, these young actors are set up for rejection, self-doubt, and a skewed understanding of what "acting" is... that will affect how they grow into adult actors.

We are growing a new generation of respected actors and people from the ground up.​​

Training for the ever-evolving actor

We believe that an actor must first have the tools to impulsively connect with their body, voice, and imagination. Then the actor must be able to turn a text into a structure that is elaborate and impenetrable. Most importantly, the actor must be able to play within that structure, trusting that their tools will guide them subconsciously and malleably.

We have built 3 classes specifically intended to strengthen these muscles. All of the classes are designed to be repeatable, for either beginner or veteran actor looking to return to the "barre." 

Here's how the classes are broken down: 


For the beginning actor wanting to learn the core components of the craft. Or for the veteran actor, wanting to return to the ‘barre’ and strengthen their foundation.

Our Actors' Infrastructure (A.I.) class focuses on building the map for processing scripts & interpreting text through a mixture of process work, text analysis, and exploring how text lives in the body.


For the actor wanting to strengthen their physical tools: impulse, voice, imagination, and environment. This class is geared around movement and exploration.

The Acting Gym is a high-intensity exploration of freeing physical impulse using tools such as Laban, Viewpoints, and teachings by both Grotowski and Stanislavski.


For the experienced actor continuing to explore Approach + Impulse work symbiotically and organically. 

Full Body Play empowers actors to break the rules, dig deeper, make bolder choices, and trust that their structure and their tools are exactly what they need in order to bring the story to life in their own way.

* By Audition / Invitation Only

SUMMER 2022 Class Schedule

Please Note:

Our classes are interactive and ensemble based. As such, we require a minimum requirement of 6 people for each in-person class in order to be effective and maintain the quality of the experience for all our students. We promise to let all actors and parents of actors know within 2 weeks before the start of classes if this class will be moving forward or will be canceled due to low enrollment.


Class Day



9-12 EST









Payment Plan Available

*Must Be Fully Vaccinated (may change)

The Acting Gym (T.A.G.)
Dates: Saturdays, June 11 - July 16 2022
Instructor: Jordan Woods-Robinson

T.A.G. is a high-intensity physical exploration of encouraging impulse, connection to partner, and creation of environment. Actors are empowered to break comfort zones and get in their bodies and respond on instinct.

Teaching techniques from Viewpoints, Suzuki, Grotowski, Laban, Harold Guskin, and more, our weekly mission is to get actors out of their heads and into their bodies. Each class will be a full body workout. Students will work towards freeing impulses; shift into understanding vs. memorizing; explore whole-body listening and honoring partner work; and building ensemble.

This class is repeatable, so it is ideal for both beginner and professional looking to return to the "barre" to strengthen their foundation.

This class is open to Grades 9+  Or by Audition Only

Curriculum: Physical Impulse, Viewpoints, Partner Work

*This class is open to Grades 9+  Or by Audition Only

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Class Day



1-4 EST









Payment Plan Available

*Must Be Fully Vaccinated (may change)

Actors' Infrastructure (A.I.)
Dates: Wednesdays, June 8 - July 13  2022
Instructor: Clare Lopez

Built to provide actors with craft and process (without being prescriptive), A.I. is focused on training actors to approach texts with an array of tools and a strong gut instinct. Each week, students will explore how to mine the text for information and craft strong choices to explore on their feet.  Students will hone their approach in scene work and activate text, through exploring how the textual ideas and actions live in the body. This class aims to empower actors to build a multi-layered structure in which they can play using an array of script-driven tools.   Students will have the opportunity to self-tape their scenes, receive feedback and implement live redirects on-camera. The class will conclude with a final round of self-taped scenes and live feedback and review.

This class is repeatable, so it is ideal for both beginner and professional looking to return to the "barre" to strengthen their foundation.

Curriculum: Personal Process, Script Analysis, Body Work

*This class is open to Grades 8+  Or by Audition Only


Which class is best for you?

Copy of INFRASTRUCTURE (3).jpg

Actors' infrastructure

is right for you if...

You want to dig deeper into your text

You want to make bolder choices

You want to trust your interpretations

You want to hone your process

You want to take ownership of your script

You want to craft a world in which to play


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