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Teen Acting Classes

Working On Camera

 Working On Camera


Advanced Teen Acting Intensive

Teen Acting Intensive is focused on leveling up professional young film and television actors. This fast paced, advanced class will have actors work on 2 different scenes in the week. Actors will be expected to prepare their scene work independently and arrive at the space ready to explore on their feet. Actors will be expected to craft strong choices in their scene work,  and will get to explore new layers through working in groups, pairs, and on-camera.  Actors will receive specific exercises to explore Characterization, Relationship, Environment and apply them to their on-camera performances.


The class will conclude with a final round of studio-taped scenes and, later that evening, a live premiere for students and families - including the red carpet treatment at BFT Orlando studios. The screening will be followed by a brief Q&A (with parents) about how to approach the film and tv business as up-and-coming young professionals.

Current In-Person Classes




M-F | 10a - 1p EST

June 19 - June 23


+ Screening/Q&A June 23 6p-9p

Instructors: Erin Beute

Grades: 8-12

Class Size:  6-12


Payment Plan Available

4 Equal Payments | 5% Processing Fee

Email Julie to Set Up

Please Note:

Our classes are interactive and ensemble based. As such, we require a minimum requirement of 4 people for each virtual class in order to be effective and maintain the quality of the experience for all our students. We promise to let all actors and parents of actors know within 2 weeks before the start of classes if this class will be moving forward or will be canceled due to low enrollment.

Advanced On-Camera

Have any questions about our classes, reach out here.

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