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Acting Resumes


Build a resume that is not just what you've done,

but shows us the stories you were born to tell.

It's not just about adding credits and following industry standards. It's about reflecting your best work, most recent training, and showing casting directors how to cast you next. Beyond the content, we want to package your resume in fonts and colors that reflect your brand and the roles you will be cast as in the future.


Actor to Actor, let us build you a resume that will help you Book From Tape.​​

Some Resumes We've Built...

What's included?

  • A one hour consultation with our Resume Coach to update your current resume & discern which credits are serving you, and which might need to be cut.

  • Turn around of initial draft within one week 

  • One round of adjustments sent within 3 days after feedback received

  • A Word Doc, A PDF, and a JPG of your Resume

  • Hex Codes & Font Packages to include in your brand kit

  • A play-by-play breakdown of what was changed and why, so you know how to apply industry rules to future credits.


Do we need to meet in person? 

You're welcome to come have a face-to-face in our studio, or we can schedule a Zoom/phone call to iron everything out.


Can I just use a free template for a resume I found on my computer?
An acting resume is a vastly different beast from most other professions. Topics and formats that are completely standard for, say, an office worker are not appropriate for an acting resume and will more than likely shine the actor in a negative light, experientially. 


Do you upload the resumes to these online services for me? 

We do not. Once your agent and you have approved the final edit and we have delivered it, it is up to you to distribute it however you would like.

Still have questions? Hit us up.

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