Movie Projector

Actor Demo Reels


Get a Reel that tells the Story of YOU.

Let your footage show us how to cast you next.

No distractions, no filler, just a dynamic reel that shows your best acting and keeps the focus on you, and no one else. Casting Directors want to see the tier of work you are currently booking, and see you acting the snot out of your scene in roles that you were born to play. Any extra filler or too much distraction could mean the difference between booking your next role or slipping back into the pile.


Actor to Actor, let us build you a reel that will help you Book From Tape.​​

Single Clip

Single Clip

Ripping + Editing

(Up to 60 Seconds)


Your original clip might be 2-3 minute long, but we will edit that puppy down to feature  you, in your strongest, most active moments. (In 60 Seconds or less).

This includes ripping your clip from a streaming service, editing, and labeling details for your AA profile. What more could you want?

Speed Reel

Ripping + Editing

(90 Seconds)


Speed Reel

While you might have 6-10 clips of 10 min of footage, we want to boil that down into your 90 second speed reel to upload/ share on your casting profiles.

Price includes footage ripping and editing into your strongest moments. 

(feel free to let us know if you want genre-specific or a general reel).

Extended Reel

Extended Reel

Ripping + Editing

(2-3 min)


You might have a lot of footage, and be looking for an extended cut of your best work.  We will boil that down into your 2-3 min extended reel so you can share to all your platforms.

This includes footage ripping, editing, and of course that final package of your strongest footage. 

What's included?

  • We will rip your footage from Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, or other streaming sites*

  • A Large Version High-Def MP4 file (to upload to streaming services like Vimeo & Youtube) 

  • A Smaller, more compressed High-Def MP4 file for your casting profiles

  • Turn around within a week

  • One round of revisions implemented within 3 days after feedback

 *If footage requires purchase/ rental you will need to pay for the rental fee.


Are you recording realistic scenes for people who don’t already have footage?
No, we are only taking existing footage from an actual project that showcases you in your best light.

Do you upload the reel to these online services for me? 

We do not. Once your agent and you have approved the final edit and we have delivered it, it is up to you to distribute it however you would like.

Still have questions? Hit us up.