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  • Writer's pictureJordan Woods-Robinson

Video: Lift Your Anchor

Updated: May 17, 2020

It's a common actor tendency to latch onto an idea in a script and be blind to other interpretations and new information that comes later. This has a name in cognitive science: Anchoring. According to the website for Hidden Brain (which inspired this video), Anchoring is "the tendency to lean too heavily on the first piece of information you hear, failing to correct it as you learn new data."

In this video, I explore examples of anchoring and how to add the awareness of anchoring into your tool box in order to better understand a character during development.


Jordan Woods-Robinson is an Actor and Head Honcho at Book From Tape Acting Studios in Orlando, FL. He challenges his actors to harness impulse as a tool, to trust their guts, to work on their feet, to break rules, and, overall, to make bold choices that make a lasting impression through tape. Email Jordan


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