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  • Jordan Woods-Robinson

10 Best Apps for Self-Tapes

Updated: May 17, 2020

If you've ever attempted a self-tape on your smartphone, you'll know it's not always as simple as it seems... the native camera app changes exposure mid-scene, editing is tricky, or maybe your files are too huge to send off properly. Here is a list of our 10 favorite apps we've used to level-up our self-tape game!


Possibly the biggest problem of using your smartphone is the native camera app. During your self tape, it is constantly trying to "correct" the image. This translates to your lighting and background changing color throughout the scene as you move, which can be terribly distracting to your performance. Here are 2 apps that will allow you to set and control your aperture, brightness, and focus so that we are focused on you the entire time.

Filmic Pro (download on apple or android)

Filmic Pro is a great tool that allows you find a the perfect look for your self tape and lock it in. With this app, you've just turned your smart phone into a powerful digital camera on manual mode.

Pro Camera by Moment (download on apple)

Nearly as powerful as Filmic Pro, this app by Moment allows you to lock in your settings for a great self-tape. Our favorite feature, however, is that it works seamlessly with the Moment Lens.


Ideally, you'll be able to edit your footage on a computer: it's faster, more powerful, and allows for more control. Sometimes, however, you need to edit on your phone. Here are the two apps we use!

iMovie (native on apple devices)

If you dial in your lighting and sound in the taping room, you don't need your editing software to do anything other than trim the beginning and ending and export your files. For this reason, iMovie is a great tool. (Keep in mind, you can not NAME a file on your phone's version of iMovie. So you'll still need to edit the name on a computer before you send it to casting.)

InShot (download on Android)

SImilar to iMovie, this app offers the simplicity of trimming, editing, and exporting your self tape.


WeTransfer (download on apple or android)

Hands down, the best way to share files and an industry standard. Using this app (or visiting, you can send up to 2GB of files completely free.


PromptSmart (download on apple or android)

This brilliant app turns any smart phone or tablet into a teleprompter. Our favorite feature? It listens to your voice and won't scroll until you say the highlighted text. So take your time, take pauses, go off script, and it will wait for you.

NDAs and Documents

Sometimes you need to scan a signed NDA or digitally sign a file and include that with your audition. Since nobody has a scanner anymore, these apps are perfect for sending a high-quality copy of your documents from your phone.

Scanner Pro (download on apple)

Simply hold the device over your paper and it automatically takes the picture, crops it, and converts it into a PDF. It's just that simple!

Tiny Scanner Pro (download on Android)

Simply hold the device over your paper and it automatically takes the picture, crops it, and converts it into a PDF. It's just that simple!

Adobe Fill & Sign (download on apple or android)

Not planning to print the doc? No worries, just sign right on your phone and send it right back!


Not specifically a self-taping tool, but we couldn't resist mentioning Canva. This is one of our favorite online tools, period. Perfect for editing any kind of graphic, and it seamlessly syncs between your phone and computer account? That's a winner.

Canva (download on apple or android)

We use every single day and their app is equally important. Any graphic design you can think of from social media banners to blog posts to t-shirts, flyers, and more... this app has got you covered.

Have you got an app you can't live without? Let us know in the comments and we'll look into adding it into our roster!


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Jordan Woods-Robinson is an Actor and Head Honcho at Book From Tape Acting Studios in Orlando, FL. He challenges his actors to harness impulse as a tool, to trust their guts, to work on their feet, to break rules, and, overall, to make bold choices that make a lasting impression through tape. Email Jordan


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