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Welcome to the

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Things to do:

  • Introduce Yourself! Jump into a "circle" in the left column and tell us a bit about your life.

  • Join the conversations. In the left column are a number of curated conversations around the craft, the industry, and other guidance. Jump in!

  • Join a meeting! We call them "meetups" and they happen multiple times every week, each time hosted by a different coach.

  • Do a challenge! Want a little pep in your step? Take on a challenge to keep your blood flowing.

  • Most importantly... be kind and have fun!


Your BFT Team


Carson Holley


TJ Harris


AJ Antrim


Lauren Lox


Sally Shea

Your Mods

Community Agreements

You agreed to these rules when you entered the space. Any infraction of these rules can and will lead to immediate removal. 

  • Only Add Value. This is the number 1 global rule. Value comes in many forms: personal perspective, sharing another's perspective, encouragement, constructive criticism, guided praise, asking questions, etc... But any comments or actions that are seen as not adding value are in violation of the Community Agreements.

  • No harassment. If you "only add value," we will never get to this place. Harassment of any form at any level will not be tolerated and you will be removed. In order for this to be a safe/brave space, we must meet each other where we are.

  • Meet yourself where you are. We're all taking this one day at a time. None of this is mandatory. Need to take a break? Go for it. Feel inspired to jump into everything all at once? Great. Allow yourself to trust your gut and do what's right for you, right now.

  • Most importantly... be kind and have fun!

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