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Yoga + Acting

In this interactive 3-hour workshop, 200hr Registered Yoga Instructor & actor, VK (Tales of The Walking Dead, Bank of America, Walt Disney World, SAK Comedy Lab), will lead you on an exploration of Yogic principles through the lens of an actorMonologue In Flow is taught at the intersection of the breath, mind, spirit and text.

This experience will start with an accessibility-friendly yoga flow with an emphasis on breath work (Pranayama). In this workshop you will explore activating any text by unifying your acting process with the 5,000+ year old practice of Yoga to enhance full body listening and spark intuitive action.

VK has designed Monologue In Flow to be wheelchair-friendly, for any experience level, and any body type. You have the option to come with text already prepared to explore or to use the text options we will provide after you sign up for this workshop.

Please arrive with your text printed out and with a water bottle. Limited mats available - please bring your own. Masks optional.

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SATURDAY November 11th:  10 am - 1 pm

AGES: 16+ 


626 Holcomb Bridge Rd

Suite 600

Roswell, GA 30076



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