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We believe that, as artists, a personal and group mindfulness is crucial for our profession. We acknowledge that part of our job is to constantly evolve, which includes not only learning but also unlearning and relearning. In this spirit, we want to acknowledge the land we use for our classes and community services was stewarded by the indigenous people of this area. Our studio is located on the ancestral lands of the ancient Timucua and current Seminole people. We acknowledge that these indigenous peoples have had these lands unrightfully taken from them, and it is only because of our history of colonization that we have the honor of using this land and its resources for our studio spaces. The Seminole people continue to occupy this land and we are committed to forging a relationship of respect, deep learning, and atonement for these oppressions.

Before European settlers stole the land, 50-100 million indigenous people occupied this whole nation, known as Turtle Island. We invite you to practice mindfulness by visiting to learn more about where you live on Turtle Island.

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