Book From Tape is a professional acting studio based in Orlando, FL. Founded by Jordan Woods-Robinson in 2014, the studio got its name from the film industry's growing trend of booking actors onto film and television shows directly from their taped auditions. Jordan built Book From Tape with his wife, Julie, to serve ​actors ages 6-96 by focusing on teaching impulse and translating physical and theatrical training for the on-camera actor.


Originally, Book From Tape operated exclusively out of Jordan and Julie’s upstairs guest room, which was adapted into a studio. Originally offering audition taping only, Book From Tape then followed the community’s requests to offer private coaching and group classes. This then turned into multiple locations offering taping and training, until the full-service Book From Tape Acting Studios was opened in March of 2020.


One of the reasons why Book From Tape was able to find success in the community was from working with actors in their self-tapes and defining key tools that were lacking in their training, primarily the ability to get out of one’s head and to live in one’s body… a skill that is prevalent in theatrical training but not as practiced in Film and TV training.

Early on, the team at Book From Tape also discovered that there was a need for professional training for young actors. In the Film and TV industry, young actors are expected to perform and navigate their careers alongside professional adult actors and so Book From Tape holds young actors to the high standards to which they will be held on set.

With each of our actors, Book From Tape serves to bridge that gap from the emerging artist to a professional career by adjusting to and challenging the individual. We do not work off of a predefined structure or by the works of any one specific theatre philosopher but, rather, as a group of working actors, we offer various tools that we, ourselves, carry in our toolboxes. We empower our actors to trust their instincts and to adjust to each project as though it were a living creature.