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Here at Book From Tape, we want all of our staff, actors, and community members to feel valued, appreciated, and honored in their authenticity. We understand that for actors and coaches to perform truly brave and innovating work, it is essential that they are embraced, accepted, and advocated for regardless of their gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, neurodiversity, disability status, citizenship, or any other aspect which makes them unique.  We commit to a conscious decision to make frequent, consistent, equitable choices daily. These choices require ongoing self-awareness and self-reflection as we move through life. We commit to combating discriminatory treatments, unfair policies, or biased practices based on race that result in inequitable outcomes for whites over Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and extend considerably beyond prejudice.


1. We are committed to doing the work of engaging in deep listening with our greater community by first sitting in a facilitated conversation with Central Florida Entertainment Advocacy & members of historically marginalized communities to learn about their concerns and how we can better serve them as both an organization and as individual artists.

2. After this conversation, once we write and devise our accountability action plan, a third party (The Joy Jackson Initiative and/or CFEA) will review our plan and offer any questions, amendments, or offer up any points of concern — so that we may revise our plan to reflect their insights before sharing this plan with the public.

3. We promise to publicly share our accountability plan on our website and on social media so that these promises are available to the community and we can be held accountable.  We aim to launch our Anti-Racism & Accountability Action Plan by Spring 2022.




We make the following commitments to all participants who work with us: 

  • When invited to teach, coach, or collaborate, prospective participants have the right to make inquiries about how their cultural personhood will be used within The Studio. Inquiries will receive a thoughtful response and will remain confidential. 

  • Sometimes a potential participant discovers in the course of applying that they are uncomfortable with elements as they relates to their personhood. Potential participants have the right to decline offers without fear of reprisal such as losing future opportunities. It is not the participant’s responsibility to explain why they chose to decline an offer. 

  • Whenever possible, diversity and inclusion should be considered both in hiring staff and in outreach in course offerings. In particular, culturally specific work should seek production personnel who can speak to that cultural experience. 

  • During the learning/ session process, participants should voice concern if they feel uncomfortable with the use of their cultural personhood, which may include: 

    • Staging & Scripted text (culturally based violence or abuse, for example), which was not disclosed or consented to at the time of enrollment. 

    • Accents or dialects to underscore a cultural representation not disclosed at the time of auditions/casting; 

    • Make-up that can reasonably be described as “black face,” “brown face,” or similar portrayal. 

  • When staging scenes of cultural violence, or other culturally charged narratives and language, we will follow the same practice of consent building outlined in the Sensitive Content standard. Disclosure of this type of content will be made at before scene assignments are given, and the emotional risk associated will be recognized throughout the process. 

  • We seek to address concerns with generosity and humility through the channels of the Concern Resolution Path as outlined in this document. 



  • Lead Staff should seek opportunities to intern, mentor, include, and professionally engage participants of color at all levels of their organization. 

PLEASE NOTE: This document was developed with deep gratitude by the support and expertise of the Joy Jackson Initiative. and The Central Florida Entertainment Advocacy. While we are eager to kick off this essential work, we recognize that this is a living document that will continue to grow, adapt, change, and shift as our industry does. We also acknowledge, that while we might not always get it right, we can only do better when we know better. As such, we are committed to our on-going education, and want to send deepest thanks to individuals and organizations to bravely continue to educate us, remind, correct and encourage us to do better. 

If you have any questions about these policies and practices, please do note hesitate to reach out to Director of Education Clare Lopez at

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