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Voiceover work is a craft in it of itself. And with the ability to submit for ads and voiceover spots outside of your own region, you have even more opportunities to submit directly to projects. Rather than feeling alone in your home studio, get some one-on-one time to coach though your technique, get assistance in editing, and get feedback on your current set up. 

Utilize our professional tools and industry insights.  

Let us help you level up your voiceover audition.

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Available When You Book:

Script Analysis Before Taping
15 Min  - $20.00


Immediate Editing & Delivery $30.00

Revisions & Pick Ups

15 Min - $25.00

Upload to Actors Access


Extra 15 Min

What's included?

  • Coaching of your sides with our industry pro

  • Live Recording on our pro level Shure SM7b microphone in our acoustically treated studio room

  • Editing of your raw footage into a WAV file and compressed MP3

  • Delivery to you, your agent, and anyone else you'd like via WeTransfer by end of day


What if I don't use all my time?

You'll be charged for the amount of time you reserved. If you finish your audition early, feel free to keep working or use that time to pick our brains!

What happens if I go over in time?

Up to 10 minutes over will be an additional $10. More than 10 minutes over, and you will be charged in 15-minute increments.

What is your Sound Studio set up? 

We have