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Clare Lopez


Clare comes to Orlando from California (by way of New York).


Originally from Sacramento, CA, Clare earned her BA in Music and Theatre from Saint Martin's University in Lacey, Washington and trained at The PCPA Conservatory Theatre in Santa Maria, California. An esteemed actor known for her vulnerability and joyfulness, Clare’s performed regionally in 5 states and internationally across 8 countries.   Some of her favorite film credits include 12 Days with God (Pure Flix), Big Time Adolescence (HULU), and Todd (Bayview Entertainment). 

Clare has been teaching for a decade, directing hundreds of classes, residencies, and workshops across the country, teaching: Musical Theatre, Shakespeare, Audition Technique, Script Analysis, Writing and Devising. 

Clare believes that only with vulnerability and empathy can we have the courage to uncover our best, most grounded, in-the-moment performances.

When she isn’t performing or teaching, Clare loves writing, creating content, and collaborating as a casting director and producer. She is deeply passionate about supporting fellow actors in their craft, and loves using storytelling to educate, elevate, and empower others.

Clare is Repped by Brevard Talent Group and is SAG-AFTRA Eligible.

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