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Candy Stripes

2-Look Mini Session

2 Looks
60 Minutes
(2 Edited Photos)


Great for first-time shots or as an update to your package


4-Look Session

4 Looks
120 Minutes
(4 Edited Photos)
1-Hour Headshot Consultation



Great for when your package needs a total refresh


Hair and Makeup

The Atlanta location is not yet offering Hair and Makeup services.


If you are an HMUA interested in working with us, please reach out!

Headshot/Branding Consultation

Spend 1 Hour with Clare Lopez on a deep dive into your brand, your goals, and industry insights to walk into your next headshot session (at BFT or anywhere) with confidence and high-level strategies.


  • A detailed chart of personalized "Look" descriptions (genre, mantras, clothing choices, socio-economic status, region, etc). This chart is perfect for sharing with your agent and/or your photographer to align on goals.

  • Strategies about how the industry sees you, how you see yourself, and what you're "growing toward"

  • Love and support from a team who wants to see you shatter that glass ceiling

(Included in a 4-Look Headshot Session with BFT)

What's included?

  • ALL of the photos taken during your session, delivered on the same day as your shoot.

  • Professionally-edited photos in both Printable and Internet-Friendly sizes

  • Additional edits are available for $25/ea. 

Have any questions about your edited images, reach out here.

Let's Get Started!


What is a "Look"? 

A Look is an outfit and hairstyle that lends itself to a specific character. In a Look, we may experiment with adding or taking away an overshirt. But if you want to change wardrobe and restyle your hair, that constitutes a second look.

What if I want to add more looks? 

Always bring options with you and, if we have time, we can add in a look!

What should I wear? 

If you're looking for some guidance, we have a Headshot Typing Session to help you get one step ahead. In general, layers are always good. Avoid patterns, logos, and tight stripes. For dramatic shots, earth tones and layers are great. For commercial, something bright with a nice neckline is the way to go.


What about makeup?
We can provide a wonderful Hair and Makeup Specialist for your session for an additional fee, which goes straight to the artist. In general, less is always better. It's easier to remove blemishes in editing than it is to make you look more natural. A simple concealer and blow dry can work wonders.

Do you shoot indoors or outdoors?

We do both! We have a setup inside our studio with multiple color backdrops to capture those commercial looks. We're also known to take a walk outside to find those perfect "edgier" looks, as well.


Still have questions? Hit us up.

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