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Boxing Gloves

Adult Acting Classes


Training for the ever-evolving actor

We believe that an actor must first have the tools to impulsively connect with their body, voice, and imagination. Then the actor must be able to turn a text into a structure that is elaborate and impenetrable. Most importantly, the actor must be able to play within that structure, trusting that their tools will guide them subconsciously and malleably.

We have built 3 classes specifically intended to strengthen these muscles. All of the classes are designed to be repeatable, for either beginner or veteran actor looking to return to the "barre." 

In-Person Adult Classes


Impulse-based tools to get you out of your head & into your body

6 Weeks

Saturday Mornings, Starting July 8th

Please Note:

Our classes are interactive and ensemble based. As such, we require a minimum requirement of 6 people for each in-person class in order to be effective and maintain the quality of the experience for all our students. We promise to let all actors and parents of actors know within 2 weeks before the start of classes if this class will be moving forward or will be canceled due to low enrollment.

Looking for Virtual Classes?

We work with actors all over the world.

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