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Thank you, Actors.

After 10 years, Book From Tape Acting Studios has shut its doors. Below, you'll find contact information for all of your beloved Book From Tape coaches so that you can continue to reach out to them for the same guidance, services, and understanding that you've come to expect from BFT. But first, a note of thanks.

Thank you, dear actor, for supporting us. We started with self-taping out of a spare bedroom, and then came coaching, classes, multiple spaces, and a worldwide community of actors. We, as fellow actors, have learned so much from helping support your journeys. And we look forward to continuing to work alongside you.

This is not the end. This is simply reinvention... something that every actor must be ready to embrace at a moment's notice. 

While we may no longer be under the Book From Tape umbrella, we are now independent coaches who will continue to meet you where you are, provide transparency and relatability in our careers, and help you level up where you want to be challenged. 

We are still working actors working for working actors. And that's all thanks to you.

Love, Jordan and the BFT Team

Book From Tape Acting Studios

Long Live the Storytellers

Virtual Coaching/Classes, Headshots, Actor Clips


Low-Cost Private Coaching, Digital Industry Resources, Virtual Audition Coaching

Self-Taping, Private Coaching, VoiceOver


Private Coaching, Audition Taping, Headshot Branding

(407) 476-4612

Actor Headshots & Branding Sessions

Private Coaching and Classes

Private coaching focused on intuitive movement and body mind connection, movement for the actor / puppetry coaching, classes in devising

(772) 932-8222‬

Here's how to find us!

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