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We have 2 locations:

WINDERMERE  // Classes, Coaching, Taping //

13067 Overstreet Rd. Windermere, FL 34786


5323 Millenia Lakes Blvd, Ste 300 Orlando, FL 32839

We empower adult and youth actors with the tools you need to make a lasting impression through tape. 

(...all the while approaching your branding, online presence, relationships, and professional growth appropriately.)

Goal #1

To strengthen those acting muscles that will keep you impulsive, truthful, and engaging on camera. 

Goal #2

(a bi-product of the 1st) To get you booked so you can make money and build your career.

Goal #3

To help you manage that career by seeing yourself as a small business.

how we can help


Work with a coach or professional actor/reader to find the best version of your scene, then we will record, edit, and deliver the files for you so you can get back to your day.

private coaching

No one has it all figured out. Whether you need a guiding hand or just an extra set of eyes, our coaches are ready to help you break through your crud to reach a new level.


These classes for adults and young actors are designed to get you out of your head and plant the scripts firmly into your body using theatrical tools translated for Film/TV actors.


We bring the industry professionals to you in an intimate environment to shine a little more light on topics, leaving you confident and ready to go.

demo reels

Give an actor a job, they'll work for a day. Give an actor a reel, they'll work for a lifetime. If you haven't curated your footage into an attention-grabbing reel, then you better catch up, friend.

industry insights

The industry is constantly evolving and who better to help brainstorm than the coaches who are constantly seeing new castings and working with agents all over the Southeast?


Every actor is a business and every business needs a website. Yes, it really is that simple. Google yourself. See how random the results are? You can control that. With a website.


Headshot Mini Sessions for Young or Adult Actors who are looking to update their portfolio without a full headshot session. 1-Look and 2-Look Options available. (Click for examples)



Our Self-Tapes Have Booked

And much, much more...