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Every actor is a business.

You need a portfolio.

As an actor, your most important investment is probably your headshots. Your second-most important investment should be your website: your online portfolio of your headshots and production stills, resume, video clips, social media, contact information, and anything else that sets you apart from the competition.


Your website is your brand. Share it with the world.

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What's included?

When you walk away, you will have a fully designed, fully update-able (yes, all by yourself... we'll teach you how) mobile-friendly website that is connected to your social media and optimized for people to find you in a web search. Page design, coding, account setup, and all of the heavy lifting are fully included. The only time we've had to charge a little bit extra was if an actor had a lot of specific photo editing requests during the website build. 

In addition to our design fee, you will also be in charge of paying for your domain name (usually $10-$15/year) and your hosting (usually about $60/year). Both of these costs are standard for anyone who has a website and none of the money goes to us. We'll even set all of this up for you, we just want to warn you about extra upfront costs. 

When we're done and the website has been approved and launched, you will receive a personal walk-thru video detailing how to update and make changes to your site. If you would like to ask us for help instead of doing it yourself, we would be happy to help and you will be charged an hourly fee for our services. 


Let's Get Started!

How long is the turnaround? 

You will have a first draft delivered within 2 weeks and a final version within 1 week of sending feedback.


What do you need from me? 

This is your brand and we're doing our darndest to help you capture that online. The more information you have to throw our way, the better... Professional photos, behind-the-scenes photos, bios, resumes, specific color preferences, a brief summary of your brand/vibe... all of this will help us help you faster and better.


Will my website be the first thing people see when they search for me?
That depends on many different variables... how many other people in the world have your name, what people are searching for, what other pages you have under your name (social media, etc...). The search engine is using an algorithm to provide what it thinks is the best answer for the search. But we will layer in hidden code (SEO) in your website to give it the best fighting chance of rising to the top.


How should I use my website? 

Your website is the hub of your brand. You should have every social media page, resume, email signature, and business card pointing back to your website. Because that is what you want people to see in the exact way you want them to see it.


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