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Young Actor


Storytellers' Club

Ignite your inner Storyteller through Activating your imagination


Age: Grades 1-2

Format: Videos and Materials Delivered Weekly + Assignments

Dates: Starting June 15 for 6 Weeks

Instructor: Maria + Julie

In this class, students will explore their acting tools through activating their imaginations. Students will explore pantomime, physicality, raising the stakes and active imagination exercises to build their skills as storytellers. Students will work independently with pre-recorded video content to warm up their instruments, and explore daily challenges. Each class will culminate in a hands-on exercise which will be filmed at home, and submitted. Students will also be provided with supplementary materials, hand-outs, and games to continue their extended learning.


Enrolling May 1st

The Actors'


Build your actor toolkit through working on scripted scenes

Age: Grades 3-5

Format: Weekly Zoom Meet + Pre-Recorded Videos + Assignments

Dates: Starting June 20th for 6 Weeks | 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

Instructor: Julie + Maria

This course is an in-depth exploration of fundamental acting tools. This group coaching dynamic allows students to build ensemble, immerse themselves in the world of the text, and activate their imaginations. Students will learn the foundational processes of script analysis and characterization as they interact with both pre-recorded content and group sessions in our virtual classroom. Students will use scripted source material, physical exercises, and in-class discussion to develop their own actor practice and conclude the course with submitting self-tapes of their work.

Enrolling May 1st

The Intuitive Actor

Scene Study

Dive deep into analysis through crafting scenes and monologues

Age: Grades 6+

Format: Weekly Zoom Meet + Pre-Recorded Videos + Assignments

Dates: Starting June 16th for 6 Weeks | 11:00 am - 1:00 pm EST

Instructor: Clare + Jordan

This intensive course continues the essential work of translating theatrical tools for Film & TV actors.  In this session, we will focus on freeing impulse, understanding vs. memorizing, whole-body listening, and honoring partner work through group exercises and individual feedback. Students will participate in group discussion through our virtual classroom and work together to process scripts from film and tv. Students will be assigned scenes and walk through the processes of script analysis, personalization, and submitting their self-taped work for review.

Enrolling May 1st



Level up your audition technique and actor marketing materials

Age: Grades 5+

Format: Weekly Zoom Meet + Pre-Recorded Videos + Assignments

Dates: Starting June 17th for 6 Weeks | 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

Instructor: Clare + Jordan

This boot camp puts young actors through the ropes of auditioning. Each week, students will practice cold reads, monologues, and self-tapes. Students will navigate different audition scenarios, prepare new material and receive feedback on their execution. Students will develop techniques for managing the mental focus, improvisation, and bravery it takes to make bold choices in the audition room. The class will conclude with one-on-one appointments with parents that will include personalized material review and feedback on how their students can continue to grow in their audition journey.


Enrolling May 1st

Writing for


Develop your voice as a storyteller & write your own content

Age: Grades 6+

Format: Weekly Zoom Meet + Pre-Recorded Videos + Assignments

Dates: Starting June 15th for 6 Weeks | 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

Instructor: Clare

This is an introductory creative writing course to develop a student’s personal voice as a well-rounded artist. In this course, students will develop their own writing practice, and learn how to structure their own critical response through peer review. Students will respond to weekly writing prompts and explore several genres of free-form writing, concluding with writing for screen. Students will learn about proper formatting, scene structure, character development, conflict, and story arc.

Enrolling May 1st

A Note from Jordan


Adult Actor


Scene Study

Dive deep into a personalized curriculum in a weekly setting

Age: 18+ (or by request)

Format: Weekly Zoom One-On-One + Assignments

Dates: Weekly at Scheduled Time for 6 Weeks

Instructor: Jordan + Clare

A full exploration of scenes and monologues guided in the intimacy of a private coaching setting. Each week, Actor and Coach will work through a personalized curriculum dedicated to helping the actor expand their tools and deepen their understanding of scripts from Film and TV. Actors will submit their scripts via self-taped submission and get individualized feedback. The class will also conclude with a group zoom session dedicated to Q & A and navigating the industry.

Enrolling May 1st


as Business

Level-Up your reach by reworking your primary marketing Tools

Age: 18+

Format: Weekly Zoom Meet + Pre-Recorded Videos + Assignments

Dates: Starting June 11th for 6 Weeks | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm EST

Instructor: Jordan + Clare

Actors will take on their acting careers from a business perspective. Actors will explore ways to level-up their marketing materials including: resume, website, email signature, bios, cover letters, actors access, branding kit, and social media presence.  Students will also learn new ways to level-up their self-tape set ups and dive deep into industry resources to help them navigate the south eastern market. Students will utilize peer review and coach and agency feedback on their content and materials. 

Enrolling May 1st



Virtual Drop-In

Self-Tape Review

Level-Up your audition skills through self-tape review & feedback

Age: All Ages

Format: Online, Real-Time Video Review & Feedback

Dates: Wednesdays at 6:00 pm EST

Instructor: Jordan + Clare

Your self-tape setup is now more important than ever and we want to help! In this Virtual Drop-In, you will upload a recent self-tape and receive real time feedback from our coaches, Jordan Woods-Robinson and Clare Lopez.


Feedback will include:

  • Tech elements that are working for you and those that are distracting

  • How to align with industry standards for framing, lighting, audio, etc

  • How to exceed industry standards in performance, environment, and audition techniques

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