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Build a resume that is not just what you've done,

but who you want to be.

How many times have you been asked for your resume and have wished you had put more time into it? It's one of our most important tools and yet it somehow seems to find its way to the bottom of our priority list time after time. Your resume should reflect your brand and the roles that you hope to be cast as in the future.


Actor to Actor, let us build you a resume that will help you Book From Tape.​​

What's included?

You will share your existing resume(s) with a coach, who will pick through everything with a fine-toothed comb and offer suggestions as to what should be updated. She may then ask follow-up questions regarding training, special skills, etc, as well as help define your colors and your fonts to your actor brand. We firmly believe this is not just about text but, rather, an opportunity for casting directors, agents, and directors to get a sense of who you are before you've even shown them anything else.

When all is done, you will receive a Word doc, a PDF, and a JPG of your resume, ready to be uploaded to your favorite casting sites and perfectly formatted for printing for your next in-person audition. Your coach will also sit down with you and provide a play-by-play breakdown of what was changed and why, so that as you add new credits to your resume you know what industry rules to follow and how to apply them in the future.


How long is the turnaround? 

You have a first draft within a week and final edit within 3 days of sending feedback.


Do we need to meet in person? 

You're welcome to come have a face-to-face in our studio, or we can schedule a Zoom call to iron everything out.


Can I just use a free template for a resume I found on my computer?
An acting resume is a vastly different beast from most other professions. Topics and formats that are completely standard for, say, an office worker are not appropriate for an acting resume and will more than likely shine the actor in a negative light experientially. 


Do you upload the resumes to these online services for me? 

We do not. Once your agent and you have approved the final edit and we have delivered it, it is up to you to distribute it however you would like.

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