Acting Demo Reels


Give an actor a job, they'll work for a day.

Give an actor a reel, they'll work for a lifetime.

Casting Directors and Directors reference reels all the time. They want to see you, at your best, engaged and acting the snot out of your scene. Any extra filler or too much distraction could mean the difference between booking your next role or slipping back into the pile.


Actor to Actor, let us build you a reel that will help you Book From Tape.​​

What's included?

Great question! It's common for Film and TV actors to need both a Theatrical Reel and a Comedic Reel. Depending on what footage you have, you may choose to either make a Full Reel (3-5 min) or a Speed Reel (60-90 sec).  The Full Reel will obviously showcase more content but the Speed Reel is perfect for Casting Directors looking for an efficient glimpse into your style. 

All reels will (usually) include a headshot, your name, and discretely label the projects but the main focus is on you, the actor, in the strongest moments your footage has to offer. Casting Directors agree they care less about narrative and more about seeing you featured in a positive light.

Once it's finalized, we will deliver to you a Large version and a Small version. The Large version is for your streaming services (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Websites, Actors Access, etc...). The Small version is for easier sharing through file transfers and for Casting Networks, which requires files to be <50mb.


How long is the turnaround? 

You have a first draft within a week and final edit within 3 days of sending feedback.


How do you get the footage? 

If you already have the files, you can send them to us and we will edit them into the reel. Otherwise, we can get the footage off of Amazon digitally or from a DVD.  If we have any extra costs from purchasing the footage, we will ask you to cover that.


Are you recording realistic scenes for people who don’t already have footage?
No, we are only taking existing footage from an actual project that showcases you in your best light.


Do you upload the reel to these online services for me? 

We do not. Once your agent and you have approved the final edit and we have delivered it, it is up to you to distribute it however you would like.

Here's what we mean

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